Friday, November 18, 2011

Time to open your surprise package!

Dear Friends and Followers,
I know we’ve been keeping you in stitches all week, but the time has come to reveal our great surprise (s).
The first has already hit your eye-. How do you like our new design? Feel free to comment.
Second as you may see above this message, we have opened a new gadget, a Sisterhood Forum. Come, visit us and learn what it is all about. We hope it serves you well and you turn it into your home.
Third. Now you may follow us on Twitter @DSWSisterhood. Become our followers and tweet us all you like.
And then there is a bonus. Sister Violante has finally decided to crawl out of her lair and let you know her true identity. Se shall be posting and replying in the forum under her real name “Maria Elena Venant”. For bureaucratic ad technical reasons (e-mail, avatar, etc.) she’ll continue to blog under her “Violante” nick. But now you know who she is and may contact her at or follow her at @malenav2010.
Well, that’s it folks! It´s your turn to comment, follow, ask, etc.
With all our affection
The Sisterhood


  1. I have a feeling good things are happening for Malena. At least, I sincerely hope so.

    These are all wonderful changes. Hope they all bring many good things for the Sisterhood.

  2. Hear, Hear! Thank you Sister Suze for the good vibes.

  3. You are most welcome, Lady Violante. ;)

  4. I like the layout - clean and straightforward. off to follow on Twitter :-) I'm @ficflash

  5. I'm glad everyone likes the new look! Make sure to thank Sister Lorena because she did so much of the hard work on it!

  6. Thanks Sister Lorena and others for the great new look. Must be blog makeover time. I just tweaked a few bits and pieces. Now I checked out the forum and it looks good.

    All the best, clever sisters.


  7. Maybe as part of the makeover you could remove word verification, a great time waster for commenters and really unnecessary don't you think?


  8. I'm glad you all liked it!

    Denise, we removed the word verification feature. :-)


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